About LAB26

Lab26, Technology Incubator was born on the idea to establish a Technology Innovation Lab with strong entrepreneurial culture for collaboration of students,  academics, researchers and industry partners on real-life projects.

At Lab26 we innovate on different smart technology solutions, but all of them have to bring value to users and have to have a business opportunity.

But why we are different?
We are a combination of a technology lab, research institute and a business incubator but driven by entrepreneurial mindset when developing new technology solutions.

Our team is diverse and consists of designers, engineers, developers and business people. But special importance is given to young students, offering them new knowledge and opportunity for a better future.


How we are building the BETTER tomorrow?

It’s not just about the technology. It’s about creating value with it!

We are stimulating the creativity of young people, developing their competences and encourage them not to be just the developers, but to be TECH ENTREPRENEURS!

Our Team

Our team consist of highly trained professionals that work closely with students on solutions development.

Dr. Aleš Suban

managing director

Aleš is the creator of the idea and founder of Lab26. Building partnerships, project management and business development are his main responsibilities. ” I try to share my passion and inspiring my team in the direction of Lab26 vision”, he says.
He is an entrepreneur at heart. Lab26 is his second company, first one still in operation. He has PhD in Maritime sciences and transport and Masters’ degree in mechanical engineering, University of Ljubljana.

Dr. Franc Dimc

Project manager & mentor

Franc is a Vide-Dean at Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, UL. He also worked as a researcher at Jožef Stefan Institute. He is skilled in maritime and coastal intelligent transport systems.
At Lab26 he’s responsible for project management, research of the problems and to mentor students on solution development. He obtained his B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

Marko Oblak

Hardware Dev.

Marko is an electrical engineer, skilled in research and development of IoT solutions, embedded devices and programming.
He works on design, development and integration of technology solutions and mentor the students by closely work with them on projects. He is also finishing his Masters’ degree in electrical engineering at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.


Dejan Sakelšak


Dejan is a computer engineer, skilled in architecture design, software and solution development. His experience in designing and developing solutions for telecommunication, multimedia processing, insurance, sports betting, banking, distributed systems and IoT solutions gives him a broad overview of the technology and design needed to get the job done.


Dr. Matej Bažec

solution dev. & mentor

Matej is an assistant and a researcher at Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport. He is skilled in intelligent transport systems, mathematics, physics and technical measurements.
At Lab26 he’s works on solution development. He obtained his B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD degree from the Faculty of mathematics and physics at the Ljubljana University.

Aleksandar Ristov


Aleksandar has a bachelor degree in marine engineering and currently he’s finishing a masters’ degree in marine engineering. He is a tech driven passionate individual and is a good team player that has a decade of hands on experience in electrical and technical work. He is versed in C++, python, linux/bash, basics of html, css, javascript and flutter for mobile development. Aleksandar is very passionate abut modern technologies.

Robert Stegel


Robert is a lecturer on electronics at Gymnasium, electrical and maritime school. At Lab26, he manages a group of students and engages them in projects with robotics and digital technologies. He is a mentor on electronics hardware design, sensorics, IoT consultant and work on  projects by designing and co-creating digital solutions.

we look straight ahead

to create value with technology




Phone: +386 70 999 312

Company: Lab26, tehnološki inkubator, Sečovlje 19, 6333 Sečovlje, Slovenija
Lab location: Pot Pomorščakov 4, 6320 Portorož, Slovenija